Friday, October 10, 2008

A JumpStart

10.25 am


2nd desk from the left

So, there goes my first week after the celebration of Hari Raya. As everyone's been expecting, it must've been a good week to continue our struggle for the future. Yeah, the same excitement runs within me too, but only for the first 3 days la. Then it starts to buat hal. Suddenly, abruptly, things that I held so dear was taken away. I can accept it if it's a fair consequences of my own act, but surprisingly -

Someone's been stabbing my back.
Someone's been in my shadow all this time.
And..the most surprising of all
That someone holds every reason a human can think of
To prove my every doings is Wrong.


Seems to me that THAT SOMEONE knows everything about me.
Seems to me that THAT SOMEONE understands me the most.
Something NO ONE, other than MYSELF could do.

Haha..!! Devil-may-care, huh? Fuck urself. If u're the Devil, I can even be ur Master. If u're the Satan, I can always turn myself as the Iblis. U never know me. Or to what extend I can go to claim something that I really after. U haven't know me yet. NO ONE ever does. Be happy I'm playing nice, because u never know what pain I can bring u. If u can betray the Rules, I can even betray the whole Game.

Please Play Fair.
I'm opening a New Book.
I know u think that this words is nothing.
But trust me.
U'll wish I didn't prove it.

The birds chirping happily. The Sun spreads her Ray well to the Earth. Ah..what a feeling! It truly feels brand new. Its Saturday..and tomorrow will be a start of new week - a new week for me to continue my struggle - both academically and 'ehem-ehem'ly. Haha!!

The songs play endlessly thru the earphone. Let it continue. Let it goes on until my ears turn red. Let the song hymn in this head of mine until..until I’m tired. Sampai Lebam. There’s a strange feeling of Joy as my fingers dance on the keyboard. Dunno whether it’s because of the cancellation of the MUET workshop or else, but one thing for sure, I love this awkward feeling.

Freakishly Happy.
A rare kind of Happiness

And to Miss Awatif Abdul Ghapar who has just cancelled her plan of going back to Seremban,
Have a pleasant moment doing ur Homework at Mawar College.
And please make sure that u'll be in perfect condition when I see u again.
So that I can continue my struggle to win ur Heart.

Let it spread.
Let it reign.
Let the words of Love tells the story.

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