Thursday, September 11, 2008

Life's A Fucking Surprise

fyi, by the time u read this post, i'm probably in the middle of a fierce head-to-head quarrel wif Eifham, my fellow idiotic fren. As i was blocking his punches and kicks, suddenly an idea came right into this smart mind of mine. Well,ur suppose to tell wut u r feeling in blogs. So i think dat it would be best for me to do so.

Love = trouble. At 1st i thought dat whut my frens r saying is ridiculous, but when me myself came thru this helluva situation, i gotta admit; love do kicks ass. Falling in love is not dat hard, but to make it go away is totally difficult. I'm not a romeo, far a casanova, so when this thing happened to me, it do leave a considerable amount of damage. The first cut will always be d deepest.

Anyway, whatever happens - "Hadapilah Dengan Senyuman"


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