Thursday, September 25, 2008

A Hard Goodbye



Jati College

Well, tonight another group of TESL students had been safely sent on their way home. All thanks to Aleya and Black Express Bus Service. This couple is surely a good business partner. Looking at them reminds me of Marie Curie and her husband. (Does X-Ray have anything to do with business?) Well, there goes my random fact.

Ah, as long as it’s a couple.

Well, seeing them do brings some kind of a strange feeling inside me. Mish Kelantan so DAMN MUCH!! Rindu bena ko kapong ambo! Speaking of rindu, well The Girl do takes the same bus back home. I was like, excited at first, thinking that there will (perhaps) be a romantic, hindustani moments of saying goodbye. But as it turns out, there was none. I was busy calming myself by smoking cigarettes outside the bus while she sat calmly inside the bus.

Am I afraid to see her?

Perhaps I am.

She’s like always – demure and sweet. And the same goes to me – awkward and bloody clumsy. Yeah, I AM CLUMSY; but only in front of her. Dunno whut happen, but every time I see her face or felt her presence, my legs got weaken, my might gone astray. There’s no more Macho-Mache attitude.

Love Sucks When You’re Not Good At It.

And what’s making it more unbearable is that

I’m truly, madly, deeply in love with her.

The bus slowly moves away from the Jati College sideway, bringing along the one that I loved inside it. As the bus slowly fades away, I whispered slowly:

Be Safe My Dear.


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