Thursday, September 18, 2008

Face The Thunder

Monday came as it always came within its cycle.
Yes, it's a start of a new week in my learning routine, as it always does since I first started studying here. Sadly though, I really hate to start my week with terrible feelings. I savor myself to be the utmost positive person, and yet, here I am. There's too much shit on my plate, but never has it affect me as bad as this one.

Do I follow my instinct blindly?
Do I hide my pride?
Do I let my false thoughts maddening within me?

Sometimes I felt defeated, but the thought of giving up without giving a fight send shivers to my spine. Defeat is for those who forfeit. Defeat is for those who are weaken by their own thoughts. I will never let myself defeated without fighting back. Sounds like I'm in some kind of war rite? Nah, just rebelling my way out of this university life scum. Fortunately, I'm not facing all these alone, I'v got my friends covering up for me. I owe the strongest ship in the world - FRIENDSHIP.

No, I'm not going to turn my back on my target. If I turn my back I'm defenseless, and if I follow my pride I'm senseless.

Not this time dude, this time, it's my fight.

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